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Making Healthier Homes

What do we mean by a healthy home? According to housing and public health experts, it is a home that is designed and maintained to support the health and safety of its residents. In his 2009 Call to Action to Promote Healthy Homes, the U.S. Surgeon General stated that by improving housing conditions—for example, by […]

Is Your Home Safe?

Is your home well safe? Visit the Healthy Homes Partnership for more information on keeping your home safe.

Energy Efficient Homes are Green

Energy efficient homes are green? Visit the Healthy Homes Partnership for more information on making your home energy efficient.

Is Your Home Well Ventilated?

Is your home well ventilated? Visit the Healthy Homes Partnership for more information on keeping your home safe.

Tools for Healthy Living

“Tools for Healthy Living,” a curriculum about healthy homes and food safety, has been accepted as a national peer-reviewed curriculum by the National 4-H Council. The curriculum, designed for students in grades four through six who are in afterschool 4-H programs, was developed by UConn Extension as part of a 5-year Sustainable Community Project grant […]

Plant Diseases & Sustainably Healthy Plants

By Joan Allen – Assistant Extension Educator – UConn Home & Garden Center Plant diseases can have a devastating effect on your garden or landscape, and on your wallet! You may have invested in new cultivars of a favorite plant, only to watch them wilt away. A large tree can add thousands of dollars in […]

April Showers Awards on Healthy Environments for Children Initiative

April has brought not only showers (rain and snow) to Connecticut but also a bouquet of awards to the Healthy Environments for Children Initiative (HEC,, staffed by Joan Bothell and Mary-Margaret Gaudio, of UConn Extension.   First, the National Association of Environmental Professionals awarded HEC its 2014 Environmental Excellence Award in Education for the initiative’s Susie […]

Sustainable Pest Control in Home Gardens

By Joan Allen – Assistant Extension Educator, UConn Home & Garden Center Insects and pests are a fact of life in the home vegetable garden, but sustainable practices can keep them at tolerable levels. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is the use of a combination of tools to manage pests while minimizing the use of chemicals. […]

Home Horticulture

Did you know, the University of Connecticut Home and Garden Education Center offers useful information on many gardening topics? Our horticultural information focuses on growing great plants, healthy lawns and controlling pest problems, all with minimal environmental impact. Numerous fact sheets are available on the Home and Garden Education Center website. If your problem is […]

Hurricane Preparedness Week

Hurricane Preparedness Week is coming to a close, but our Healthy Homes Partnership reminds us that #hurricaneprep can happen anytime. What actions can you take to keep your home safe? Image: Georgia